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Boeing B-50 Bomber




This model has been 4-years in the making although I would say more off than on...but in the last four months I've been making a real effort to crack this one and get her ready for this year's LMA season.

The B-50 is a variant of the B-29 Super fortress and was one of the last great piston engined bombers of the 20th Centry extending operations well into the 1970s

The model has a span approaching 19'. Each electric motor is rated at 3kW but is only using approx 1,500W giving a total of around 6kW will be availiable from a payload of up to 144 nimh cells (Yes a model of this size still suits the Nimh).
Update..... The NiMh cells could not deliver the power and cells were failing in every flight. I have now changed over to 2 packs in series of 4S 5,300mAh 30C rated LiPo's per motor from 4-Max. These LiPo's have given a substantial increase in power (approx 1kW extra) and come out bareley above ambient temperature.

All the retracts, oleo legs and wheels, are bespoke (thanks to Keith Unwin of the Hastings Club)

As with my 12' Lancaster, the B-50 will have an on-board engine sound syste. Thomas Benedini has mixed a 4-engined Pratt & Whittney true sound and it sounds superb....The sound will be amplifier by two 200watt power amplifier driving six 50-watt so some serious but true scale noise will be heard.

Not sure if this is the largest electric model but scanning the internet I can't find another larger (or person silly enough to do this)

Please click here for a video of it's test flight

Please click here for a video of it at RAF Rougham 2010

220" / 5.6m
150" / 3.8m
4-Max Electric Motors
4 x PPPO-6367-230
4 x Jeti 75A
4-Max LiPo Batteries
8 packs of 4S 5,300mAh LiPo's
JXF 22"x12"
Futaba 12FG 2.4Ghz- 2 off receivers
Keith Unwin designed oleos, hubs and axels, Unitract Int retract mechanisum
80lbs / 36.3Kg

It will NOT be available as plans or woodpacks.


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