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Electric Jet Dogfight Double - 23.5” English Electric Lightning
RCM&E Plan May & June 2008 by Tony Nijhuis


597mm / 23.5"
749mm / 29.5"
IC Engine
Not applicable
Electric Motor
4-Max Recommended
3 Function (micro)
450-710g / 16-25oz

 Click here to download the RCM&E build article in PDF format

Please click here for the recommended electric setup

Designed as a fun scale model. The construction technique has been simplified to a slab-sided model with the emphasis placed on the builder to carve and shape to achieve the flowing shape of this jet.
It features a solid balsa (6mm) sheet wing and box fuselage construction.
This is a one piece model with no detachable parts, except for access hatches.
Designed around a brushless inrunner motor and a Lithium Polymer battery.

This model is very fast and is designed for hand launch.
Plan and VAC formed canopy and nose cone available only.
No CNC or wood packs are available for this models.

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Please Note
Although we carry selective stock, we generally print and manufacture to order so deliveries may take up to 28 days to reach you from point of order. Also delivery of plans, some plastic parts and CNC wood packs will be sent as separate consignments.

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Description Price Quantity
Plan for Dogfight Double 23.5" Lightning £15.00
Vac form set (canopy and nose cone) £14.00
Plan + Vac form set Save £2.00 £28.00
Professional Decal Set (as EDF Version) £18.00
Pilot for 23 " EE Lightning £8.00


Here is a RCM&E video of Tony flying the MiG 25 Foxbat and the English Electric Lightning both powered by 4-Max Purple Powered Brushless inrunner motors. Please bear in mind that Tony is flying very slowly at approx 1/3 throttle for the stills photographer.
These models are a lot faster when flown with more throttle.


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