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98" Turbine Powered Avro Vulcan Plan by Tony Nijhuis

Tony Nijhuis 98" Turbine Powered Avro Vulcan

Tony Nijhuis 98" Turbine Powered Avro Vulcan

Tony Nijhuis 98" Turbine Powered Avro Vulcan

Tony Nijhuis 98" Turbine Powered Avro Vulcan


2490mm / 98"
Wing Area
18 sq' (1.6m²)
Wing Loading
24oz/sq.ft. (7.2kg/sq.m)
80-120 size single turbine
5 Function (6 Servos)

Please click here for the build photo's

This is the third model in our range of turbine models and again is one of the very few turbine models on the market that is truly scratch built.

The Avro Vulcan was a constant and regular request from modellers for us to design but we decided to make this model unique in the way it is powered..with just a single turbine! Designed for a single 80-120 size turbine, the model can use the most economic entry level turbines on the market so building and owning what appears to be a multi jet engined model, has now become an affordable reality.

Knowing the Vulcan will be a popular choice, we have spent almost two years testing building 3 prototypes to make sure it's as right as it could possibly be. As with all our plan builds, your building experience is the key to completing a successful model. This model is no exception. It is one of the most complex models we have design, so please be aware of this when considering the purchase of this model.

A set of build photos are free to download from the link below to assist you in construction and from our build experiences, the sequence we have adopted does make for the best approach.

The plans are full size and reproduced on two very large sheets of quality paper, each stretching over 3 meters in length!

A VAC set is available which include the canopy, dummy engine blisters and engine fairings, plus dummy exhaust outlets.

As with all our models a CNC pack and wood pack to complete the model are available. (Please note that the wood pack does not contain the parts in the CNC pack which must be purchased separately).

The CNC pack includes all fuselage formers, the wing ribs and fin ribs plus additional parts making this a very complete pack. We have also included the aluminium wing tube in the wood pack!

We have also designed a set of bespoke electric retract units for the model and are of excellent quality and manufactured in the UK. We have produced two versions; the first uses an economic hard foam wheel; the second uses a superior jet style wheel. The construction and mechanism for both options remains the same.

Please Note
Although we carry selective stock, we generally print and manufacture to order so deliveries may take up to 28 days to reach you from point of order. Also delivery of plans, some plastic parts and CNC wood packs will be sent as separate consignments.

For overseas orders please Email us

Description Price Quantity
Plan for 98 " Turbine powered Avro Vulcan £69.00
Vac form set (canopy, dummy engine blisters and engine fairings, plus dummy exhaust outlets) £95.00
Plan + Vac form set Save £10.00 £154.00
CNC Pack. Fuselage formers, and wing ribs £172.00
Plan + Vac form Set + CNC Pack Save £10.00 £326.00
Wood Pack to complete model (stock sheet and strip includes ali wing tube) £311.00
Plan + Vac form Set + CNC Pack + Wood Pack Save £20.00 £627.00
Turbine Vulcan Retract Set - Standard wheels £580.00 Out of Stock
Turbine Vulcan Retract Set - High Quality wheels £730.00 Out of Stock
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