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Tony Nijhuis Designs 72" Avro York, RCM&E May/June 2013

   Tony Nijhuis Avro York

Tony Nijhuis Avro York


1800mm / 72"
1270mm / 51"
Electric Motor
4-Max Recommended
5 Function
2.5 - 2.8kg / 5.5lbs - 6.0lbs

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Please click here for the Build Article (38k)

The Avro York shares lots of similarities with its military brother, the Avro Lancaster . In essences the same wings are used, the same nacelles and undercarriage, the same tailplane and the same fins. Effectively the only difference is the fuselage and an extra mid tail fin.

Fully built up construction using balsa and plywood, the fuselage is a simple ‘slab sided’ structure with a cross-sheeted top and underside. The wings are a built-up structure of ribs over a main spar and balsa sheeted. The tailplane built up in a similar fashion to the wings.

The plans are supplied on 2 large sheets of quality AO sizes paper and the VAC set includes a white HIPS nose canopy and set of four cowls and spinners.
The CNC pack includes, ply fuselage formers, balsa wing & tailplane ribs and the nacelle structure as similar to the Avro York . However, to make this a more complete pack, we have also added to the CNC pack the rudder and fins plus also the complete fuselage sides.

Although this is a traditional ‘plan’ and the builder is expected to have previous building experience, we have provided pdf downloads of the build article and a series of construction photos of the prototype build, which should help.

Please Note
Although we carry selective stock, we generally print and manufacture to order so deliveries may take up to 28 days to reach you from point of order. Also delivery of plans, some plastic parts and CNC wood packs will be sent as separate consignments.

For overseas orders please Email us

Description Price Quantity
Plan for 72" Avro York £30.00
Vac form set (cowls, spinners, nose cone) £31.00
Plan + Vac form set Save £3.00 £58.00
CNC Pack fuselage formers, fuselage sides, balsa tail plane parts and ply wing ribs) £135.00
Plan + Vac form Set + CNC Pack Save £6.00 £190.00
Wood Pack to complete model (stock sheet and strip) £107.00
Plan + Vac form Set + CNC Pack + Wood Pack Save £10.00 £293.00
Air Retract Set for 72" Avro York £195.00 Out of Stock
Electric Retract Set for 72" Avro York £219.00
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