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Air Retracts For the Tony Nijhuis 72" Lancaster/York

Bespoke Air Operated Retracts For The 72" Lancaster/York.

Finally a complete air operated undercarriage package made to suit our 72" Lancaster or the 72" Avro York We are pleased to put our name to.
Assembled and finished in the UK, these units not only include superior quality air up, air down mechanism but a superb double sprung oleo leg with a scale medium density rubber/foam tyre.
Supplied with all the fittings including fill valve, 3-port control valve, tee pieces, 2x1m air tubing, 300ml air tank, fixing screws and spare sealing rings.

"Hey Tony,
I had previously built your 72" Lancaster from your short kit. I used Robarts retracts, but never could get them "just right". Big bounces and some nasty nose overs on landings...

I recently got your Bespoke Retract kit. What an improvement! Those nice big soft wheels, and sprung oleo's are just fantastic. Not only is the scale appearance way better, but it has really improved my landings too. The wheels and oleo's seem to take right away those nasty bounces, and make my landings look like cracking great greasers!
Thanks a lot buddy, incredibly worth the few bob, that's for sure."

Dr John Falconer

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Description Price Quantity
Air Retract Set for 72" Lancaster/York £195.00 Out of Stock
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